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Chasing Dreams and Creating Brands: Unveiling the Extraordinary Journey of Naomi LABEAU

ByVenuesToday Staff

Aug 29, 2023

How often do you stumble upon a personality who can ace the worlds of music, marketing, and innovation, all while keeping her feet firmly on the ground? Naomi LABEAU, a name rooted in grace, embodies just that – and so much more.

Born and raised amidst the tropical allure of Fort-de-France, Naomi’s prowess isn’t limited to one field. Her book, “10 Secrets of Effective Advertising,” introduces the world to the Neofit method, intertwining romantic and professional relationships.

Drawing on personal experiences is her secret. Take her Neofit method. What’s more human than equating the intimacy of romantic relationships with professional liaisons? But Naomi doesn’t stop at a mere connection. She’s currently baking another insightful piece, “30 Secrets for Enduring Through Time”, predicting it as the bedrock for businesses aspiring for timelessness.

But writing’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The strings of a guitar know a different Naomi. A youthful rebel who channeled her storm of emotions into powerful tunes. “Yaw,” her debut album, wasn’t just about catchy rhythms. It painted a world where young souls could chase dreams, unbridled. And there’s more magic in store. Naomi’s upcoming album “Yawland” promises a fantastical journey into 2045. Sparked during a trip to Disneyland, this album isn’t just music. It’s a vision. A future.

From Disneyland inspirations to a deep-rooted love for “Meet the Robinsons,” Naomi’s creativity finds fuel everywhere. But beneath the powerhouse lies a jovial soul, always eager to laugh, with her rock-solid mother by her side.

Stepping into the professional realm early, Naomi marked her presence on Radio RCI’s “Talent 972” at 18. The world of advertising beckoned soon after, drawing her to the prestigious halls of Sup de Pub Paris. This stint was followed by groundbreaking work at 2gether and CFA Santé Martinique.

Fast forward to 2021, destiny introduced her to Maureen. Their paths converged after a captivating mini-concert, shortly after Naomi’s return from Paris. At the time, she was pursuing sales education at ISCA Business School. Naomi saw the potential in making Maureen’s name resonate in France. So, she proposed a media tour in Paris, an idea that spurred her to reach out to an agency for sponsorship. The outcome, however, didn’t unfold as planned. It was then that Maureen, a constant source of encouragement, propelled Naomi to carve her own agency: Lap’s Agency.

Lap’s Agency, the first of its kind in the Caribbean, redefines advertising with its “BrandFlow” method. Think of it as using a beloved public figure as a brand’s life force. It’s not just smart advertising; it’s genius. It’s expanding horizons, and challenging the norms. It’s making your brand more than just a name – it’s an experience. She dreams of turning Lap’s Agency into a behemoth, echoing giants like Google.

Her rendezvous with fame isn’t just limited to Martinique or the Caribbean. Naomi became the morning voice for Nrj Antilles in 2019. From strategizing for “AléViré” to creating visuals for 2gether, her accolades keep piling up.

Naomi’s muse through this ambitious journey? The multifaceted Ella Balinska. Actress, DJ, and video game creator – Ella’s narrative resonates with Naomi. In fact, the universe will witness their rendezvous at an event on October 28, 2023. An evening not just of music but of dreams, aspirations, and powerful connections.

Moreover, 2023 also marked an encounter with the visionary Vlad Sitnikov, a man who can aptly be described as a 21st-century genius. As two powerhouses united in their passion for the future, the synergy between Naomi and Vlad was palpable, adding yet another layer of mystique to her captivating journey.

“To find oneself, sometimes you have to lose yourself,” Naomi muses. She’s sold bubble tea, worked as a waitress, and now she’s leading a revolution in the advertising realm. Through all this, she’s had the unwavering support of her mother. Her advice? Embrace your journey, however “strange” it seems. Listen to your inner compass, even if the world tries to mute it. The road less traveled often leads to the most breathtaking views.

Find out more about Naomi LABEAU: @naomi.labeau



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