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Robert Rene Dancing Through Dreams and Melodies

ByPaul Wells

Jan 7, 2024

Robert Rene Laos Jr., known as Robert Rene, is a 42-year-old dancer and singer hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Born on July 31, 1981, Robert has spent 25 years in the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark with his performances in shows and musicals across the state, as well as a notable 20-year career with Disney Entertainment in Anaheim. A Professor of Dance with an MFA degree from UC Irvine, Robert made his artist debut in February 2023 with his first single, “Nemesis.”

Robert’s journey into the world of dance and music was sparked by an inspirational childhood moment watching Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” video. Influenced by performers like Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Britney Spears, and Michael Jackson, he embarked on a path that seamlessly merged his love for dance and music. These influences fueled his rigorous dedication to his craft, evident in the preparation for his shows and videos.

Beyond the industry’s inherent difficulties, Robert faced a personal challenge of self-sabotage. Overcoming this internal hurdle, he realized that discomfort signifies growth. Robert’s resilience shines through as he embraces challenges and navigates the complex landscape of the entertainment world. His mantra of pursuing happiness over monetary success led him to a fulfilling career in music and dance.

Robert defines success as achieving the dreams he set out for himself. His biggest accomplishment lies in bringing his artistic visions to life, regardless of external validation. Currently, with the release of his fourth single, “Last One Standing,” and ongoing collaborations with producer Azul Wynter, Robert looks ahead to more music, videos, and live performances. His passion for the stage remains undiminished, and he envisions a future filled with more opportunities to share his art with the world.

Connect with Robert Rene and experience his captivating journey through dance and music. Follow his musical endeavors on Spotify, where his latest release, “Last One Standing,” has garnered over 100k listeners, creating a wave of new fans. Stay updated on his upcoming projects and performances as he continues to inspire others to pursue their dreams, proving that with determination, one can indeed achieve anything.

Follow Robert Rene here –

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/robertrenemusic/

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/4MVYHcgto80vVx7XO8M1sW?si=XR9kLPLIQL6bd8RBk7aifQ