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Director Wesley Alley: Mastering the Art of Commercial Storytelling

ByPaul Wells

Feb 21, 2024

Advertisements in modern commerce connect businesses with consumers by leveraging the art of storytelling. Beyond promoting products, they shape perceptions, influence preferences, and reflect societal trends. They drive brand awareness, educate consumers, and contribute to economic growth. It fosters relationships between businesses and their audiences. As per stats, ads can increase brand awareness by a staggering 80%.

Director Wesley Alley showcases a remarkable track record directing national and regional commercials for his companies CO//OP Studios and SockMonster Productions as well as freelance for other companies. His portfolio boasts successful campaigns for brands like Idaho Lottery, Commercial Tire, Pets Best, Ariat, Glacier 45, and more. Notably, both his last campaigns have been nominated for the prestigious Rockies Award, a testament to Wesley’s creative vision and directorial expertise in advertising. 

Recent studies show a noticeable decline in people’s attention spans in recent decades, pointing to a reduced ability to sustain focus and interest in content. In this drop-back, creating advertisements that are not too long and quip the audience’s interest simultaneously is a challenge. 

Wesley not only gets the opportunity to create these with amazing clients and projects around the world but also gets nurtured and allowed to make longer stories in the “branded content” arena through CO//OP studios.

Wesley’s success in commercials isn’t merely about selling products or services; it’s about crafting compelling narratives within the constraints of short-form storytelling. His directorial prowess brings unique results that combine creativity with the demands of commercial advertising.

Having managed campaigns for reputable brands like Idaho Lottery, Wesley’s approach infuses each commercial with a big budget look and distinctive flair. In his Halloween-themed ad for Idaho Lottery, he incorporated the concept of a witch concocting a recipe within a concise 30-second timeframe but made the spot look like a big budget Hollywood movie.. 

The ad skillfully portrays the witch gathering specific ingredients to make a potion. This clever approach instantly captures attention and engages viewers by tapping into the familiar theme of a witch preparing a spellbinding potion.

When asked about his approach to commercials, Wesley highlighted the significance of storytelling: “For me, it’s not just about showcasing a product. It’s about creating narratives that the audiences can relate to. This leaves a lasting impression on the consumer.”

Similarly, Wesley’s Commercial Tire ad campaign featured a character who was so caught up in RV travel that they neglected their tires due to time constraints, A soccer mom who was too busy to properly maintain her tires, a grandma, and an athlete all too busy for their tires. The ad highlighted the importance of maintaining tires amidst life’s adventures. It resonated with audiences facing similar time challenges and a dash of comedy. His depiction highlighted the need for tire maintenance in an engaging, relatable, and funny manner.
Wesley’s remarkable success in directing commercials reflects his commitment to storytelling within advertising. His ability to seamlessly blend creativity with commercial appeal sets a standard beyond the ordinary. As advertisements vie for attention, Wesley Alley’s vision and execution serve as a testament to the transformative power of storytelling within commercials.